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Alaafin Plans Big For Sango World Festival........As Logica Media Boss,Biodun Ajiboye Becomes Consultant

Nigeria’s burgeoning cultural value is once again attracting the world’s interest in what seems to rekindle ones memory of the global attraction that greeted Festac 77, again, the World Sango Festival planned in Nigeria has finally concluded arrangements to hold in August 2013. This was revealed days back by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Olayiwola Atanda Adeyemi III in a brief meeting with his inner caucus team on the project. Briefing was media cum event consultant, Otunba Biodun Ajiboye “We have done a very strong strategic meeting with the Kabiesi on how this very mighty project can be done successfully ”. The meeting agreed purely on internationalizing the festival to a global level, we tried to appreciate all the requirements of a festival of this nature and how to go about it”. Alaafins team is represented by his cultural ambassador, Dr. Paula Gomes, a Portuguese, who holds a doctorate degree in African Cultural studies” Ajiboye said. Principally, the Alaafin simply brought to fore, the gangatuan importance of Sango to the cultural relevance of the Yoruba people, “Sango without gain- saying was the most characteristic Alaafin that ever existed, you very well know the primordial importance of the Alaafin to the generality of the Yoruba monarchs “– Sango was the grandson of Oduduwa, who reigned and ruled Oyo and strengthened the historical Oyo empire which went as far as Togo and Benin republics. Today, Sango still has extensive relevance in the cultural history of those to neighbouring countries. Continued the Alaafin, Sango as ‘The power of technology’ was very key to the Yoruba race. Virtually every village, town or city of the Yoruba people has Sango followers, as his tool was primary to all Yoruba Monarchs’. According to Dr. Paula Gomes, I have been everywhere in the world researching African Culture, Sango has unbelievably huge followers, enthusiasts, and adherents from almost everywhere in the world. There are well over twenty countries of the world that have Sango followers, although some call it Xango, some Chango. However it’s called, they all still refer to this same powerful African monarch from Oyo. The event plans to have well over 5m visitors from all over the world. He, Alaafin says the festival is willing to collaborate with the culture and tourism departments of the Federal Government, The six states of the western Nigeria including Edo, Kwara and Kogi where his people live, Afonja of Ilorin was from Oyo, this is one festival that concerns all the 50m Yorubas anywhere in the world they may be regardless of ethnic differences or monarchical diversity- “Once you are a Yoruba, you are concerned and involved in this festival. The Oyo Empire was the strongest empire in West Africa nay Africa. We have a lot of cultural antecedents in Oyo, there are more than enough cultural monuments that can fascinate the world still alive in Oyo and other parts of the Yoruba land. This is culture, we can’t as a people ignore our culture, he concluded. While his cultural ambassadors has been in touch with the World Bank, and United Nation’s relevant organs. Harnessing the over 100m followers of Sango all over the world is a great cultural feat for Nigeria, besides, it will be a wonderful income come for the economy, after all the world earns great income from tourism, concluded the Alaafin.

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