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‘Why I Wasn’t At Dayo Adeneye’s Inauguration As Commissioner’…..Kenny Ogungbe

When Kenny Ogungbe, the co anchor and partner of Dayo Adeneye, on popular Radio and TV show, Primetime Africa, was conspicuously absent at his inauguration as the Commissioner of Information and Strategy, in Ogun State. Many tongues went wagging insinuating all sorts. However ,he immediately doused the rumours,‘I was away in Abuja and I couldn’t make it down to Ogun State that day'. He also bear his mind on what becomes of the programme upon the relocation of D1 to Abeokuta. ‘Primetime Africa,is primetime Africa, it’s a total entity. It’s going to stay the same way it is’ he told NET. Congratulating his partner on his new appointment, he said, ‘well, what can I say, we are definitely going to miss him for the period he’ll be working for our state. We are going to hold forth while he’s gone, so I say to him congratulations to him once again’.

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