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Why Don Jazzy Is Fighting Wande Coal.....Details of Their Dirty Social Media War

It’s no more news the web is presently buzzing with a raging war between famous Producer and Mavin Record boss, Don Jazzy and former label mate, Wande Coal .Don Jazzy, castigated the sensational singer,for allegedly stealing one of his songs titled ‘Baby face’. This began after Wande Coal released a new single ‘Baby face’ under his Black Diamond Entertainment last Tuesday. According to Don Jazzy's Twitter page ,‘How long will i continue 2 sweat and some people will choose to steal from me. I am nice and easy going doesn’t mean u should disrespect me‘.It didn’t take long before he tweeted his own version of ‘Baby face’ explaining that he had recorded a studio demo about a year ago, going ahead to tweet a link to his own version describing Wande Coal’s action as intellectual property theft. Don Jazzy added ’I honestly expected y’all to come at me with me being childish. But enough is enough. even if i send my legal team on him una go complain 2.‘. ‘I can decide to shut him down with one call. but didnt. all i ask for is ‘give me my credit’ and nothing else‘. Without letting the dust settle, Wande also responded on Twitter accusing the Mavin Records boss of not being ‘happy with his progress after serving him for 10 years’. It gets dirtier as Wande Coal accuses Don Jazzy of suffering from ‘twitter attention syndrome’‘It is with SAD heart i make this response. steal from you? i served for 10 years why are you not happy with my progress. you have my phone number, email address and my DM to communicate with me but you choose twitter attention syndrome.After all these years of been loyal to you i can never believe you will ever say this to me. trying to bring me down on twitter‘. He then caps it up with a bold statement ‘you are not GOD .. you can’t stop me‘. Don Jazzy wasn’t quick to back down as he counter responded Wande Coal’s tweets; ‘Im glad u now know that there is a God. if i want to stop you, why would i do The Kick with you introducing black diamond? if i want to stop you why would i allow you release Rotate without my company credit. Why would i allow u perform around d world.’ Reports ,however suggest that Wande Coal’s parting with Don Jazzy and his Mavin Records record label was filled with bitterness, betrayal and disloyalty,which is being attested to by this current hostility.Industry,watcher reveal that,if the conflict is not nipped in the bud,it will degenerate to a subject of litigation.

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