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“What we don't understand, we can make it to mean anything of it,” is a famous quote by a popular writer, Chuck Palahniuk, and this is what is lending credence to the following assumption.

Nigerians are superstitious people no doubt, and they will always adduce to the metaphysical or superstitious, whatever that happens repeatedly and are not able to find ready explanations to the oft occurrences. However, there is no gain saying the fact that the ruthlessness at which the Dangote trucks, which belong to billionaire Aliko Dangote, crush people without recourse,and  is now a matter that calls for concern. Recently, three innocent people were sent to their early graves when a Dangote truck rammed into a BRT bus at the Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos, leaving scores gravely wounded. Days after that, another Dangote truck in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state, killed yet another three along the Ijebu Ode, Ibadan Expressway. Again, in a fatal accident involving one of the trucks of the Dangote Group and a Honda salon car claimed the lives of another three people. The head on collision, which reportedly led to the ugly incident, occurred at the POGIL junction close to the Ijebu Ode Mechanic Village on the express way. And just as many families are yet to come to terms with the losses of their loved ones, another Dangote cement truck was again reported to have lost control and ran into a Toyota Sharon vehicle along the Nasarawa-Eggon-Akwanga Road, leaving at least 11 people and the driver stone dead, with eyewitness revealing that the victims were are all crushed beyond recognition. Many are now crying that the serial killings of innocent people by the many Dangote trucks are synonymous to spilling the blood of innocent Nigerians for ritual purposes. The weighty implication now, albeit in the realm of conjecture, is that the Forbes-rated billionaire owner of this company, whose humongous wealth is out of this world, is questionable and may, just may not be, far from the ordinary, as the incidences of killings by his trucks are daily leaving too much to be desired and discerned by the ordinary eye.  Alhaji Aliko Dangote must have some questions to answer, because tongues are wagging over the hazardous ways his trucks are killing people with reckless abandon, while he enjoys being the richest man in Africa. Some are even insinuating that these wastages of innocent lives cannot be far from his ritualistic vow of renewing his wealth, because, every year, many souls are sent to the great beyond. Now, it is coming to the swift consciousness of many that these repeated deaths must have a reason.   


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